I'm a Master-level Usui/Holy Fire Reiki practitioner and teacher, and I work with clients to move energy through the body by co-creating visualization and narrative healing techniques. I’m also a trauma counsellor and youth advocate with an Interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree in Conflict Mediation and Trauma Response.   

I recognize that the relational, somatic practice of Reiki holds a powerful key for shifting protective patterns, and for realizing our potential as interconnected and balanced individuals. By gently examining our emotional wounds in the bodymind, we can start to heal to our authentic selves. 

Amalia Nickel
Reiki Practitioner


The body remembers and the spirit releases. Enabling communication between these entities allows amazing things to happen.

Master of Arts, Conflict Mediation and Trauma Response

Reiki Master Teacher Certification, Usui/HolyFire 3

Facilitator, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Consultation, Education and Training Services

Facilitator, Complex Trauma Resources 

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Saturdays 11am - 4pm

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