I am a second generation Chinese Canadian born and raised in so-called Vancouver, a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist and sound healer. Having completed a Doctorate of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver and an internship at Tzu Chi Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, it is with great honour to practice a cultural medicine of my ancestors. 
I always strive to make my patients feel heard and listened to. I am very meticulous at describing treatments and treatment plans that are catered to unique individualistic needs. Your comfort is my utmost priority and acupuncture naps are my speciality!
Having had chronic health issues throughout my 20s, with little or no relief from western modalities, I was led to seek alternative therapies. After successful treatment from a combination of acupuncture, diet therapy and traditional herbs, my health improved, and I gained a keen interest in and appreciation for the holistic approach to healing. I am passionate about sharing knowledge so that others can have similar success stories.

Dr Judy Chee
Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Registered Acupuncturist


Since 2016, I have treated people experiencing a wide range of challenges, including orthopedic concerns, pain management, gastrointestinal issues, mental health, sleep issues, pregnancy, fertility, gynecological issues, urinary health and more.

Through the many modalities of this East Asian Medicine, my vision is to activate your mind, body and spirit’s natural internal healing systems so that we bring balance and empowerment to your life. I believe that both passive and active treatments are needed to bring your life back to your optimal health. 

To keep balanced, outside of work, I am often found playing on the mountains from hiking BC’s many trails to snowboarding in the winter months. Mountains are medicine to me. Music is also medicine. I am a classically trained musician of over 30 years. With my most recent training in Kathmandu Nepal with my sound healing teacher Grand Master Shree Krishna Shahi, a 3rd generation sound healer. Other than meditating with my Himalayan Singing bowls, I play the piano, ukulele, and currently trying to learn to play the banjo well.

To learn more about me, traditional Chinese Medicine and the treatments I offer, please visit www.judychee.com

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