East Vancouver Entrepreneur Network


For Boss Babes who want to connect with other business owners and foster community and support

connect - learn - support

Are you looking to connect with other entrepreneurs in a real, authentic, East Van sort of way? Then come join us!

We will meet once a month in Local Health's workshop space to connect, learn, grow, and support one another. Each month we will have a brief topic to help us all grow in our businesses. This hour will inspire, uplift, and get you stoked about being the amazing entrepreneur that you are!

Next learning session is Wednesday, March 22nd at 7-8:30pm in our movement space. 

Next meet up is Friday, March 31st
Time: 9am-10am
(please arrive 10-15 min early!) 

Location: Local Health Integrative Clinic @ 2285 Clark Drive (corner of Clark and 7th Ave)

The Details:

What the world needs is some boldness. Women Entrepreneurs making waves!

We will be getting together twice a month. The Friday morning meet up will be: 
  • Centering and Welcome
  • Introduction (come prepared with a 30second - 1 minute "elevator pitch" of who you are and what your business is)
  • 10-minute learning session (each month someone will take a turn to present)
  • What will elevate your business (is there anything as a community that we can support you with?)
  • Time to chat and connect!

The Wednesday night get-together is a chance to learn from experts in their field to help move your business forward. 

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