Osteopathy is the assessment and treatment of the human body to find the primary dysfunction to help the individual getting back in its normal function and living a happy life again. I am an osteopathic student from Austria with a physiotherapy background. I am currently in my fourth year studies and came to Canada to graduate and to foster my personal development. I put a lot of effort into educating the patient about the reasons why the problem emerged and how it could be influenced positively. During my appointments I emphasize on the mobilisation of fascia, muscles and joints for a perfect synergy. I give customized advice on how the patient can affect the issue.

Fabian Suppik
Osteopathic Student


I believe in dysfunctions of one body part can alter the functions of another body part. Thus a person should be treated as a whole interrelated system. A big part is nutrition to fuel the cells for proper activity, the right mindset to be resilient and then the body to be strong and mobile. In everyday life these main components are essential for coping with all the situations we experience throughout life. 

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