Jamie is a knowledgeable and compassionate osteopathic practitioner from Australia. He graduated from Victoria University (Australia) in 2019 with a Masters of Health Sciences (Osteopathy) (a total of 5 years). In 2020 he opened his own clinic in Melbourne, Australia where he further developed his skills in helping people with issues related to postural strain and headaches from computer and phone use, hyper-mobility, TMJ (jaw) issues, chronic pain, and mysterious muscular aches and pains.

Prior to and during his osteopathic studies, Jamie worked as a certified Remedial Massage Therapist, which honed his palpation and hands-on therapy skills. Jamie is adept at a variety of manual techniques and customizes each session to the needs of his patients. He sees movement as key to keeping the body functioning optimally and uses his knowledge of the body to help his patients move and feel better.

Outside of the clinic, Jamie enjoys a good double espresso, bouldering, swing dancing and darning. He practices meditation regularly and enjoys being in nature and learning new skills. He also speaks some German, basic Mandarin and a smattering of other languages.

Jamie Parsons
Osteopathic Practitioner


I take a results-oriented, patient-empowering approach. My primary aim is to ease my patients’ symptoms while addressing the underlying cause. I helps my patients feel at home in their bodies, giving them the strategies and knowledge they need to keep themselves moving optimally.

My Philosophy

Tuesdays:  1:45-8:00pm
Wednesdays: 4:15-8:15pm
Thursdays: 8:30-2:45pm

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