Light Your Way : Getting To Know Yourself Better


W/ Tina Reilhan, Registered Teacher, Canadian Reiki Association

About the Workshop

Are you looking for greater peace of mind? Join Tina in a compassionate and energized space for this self care sampler of easy to learn mindful movement practices that will engage your body wisdom to release what can go and clear the view so that you can reconnect to your healthy essence and light your way to more heart based living. Feel the joyful simplicity of these everyday ways inspired by energy medicine, movement therapy, meditation and circles of trust. Light exercise. All activity levels welcome. Your choice of mat or chair.

When: Sunday October 30th
Time: 10am-12:00pm

Pre-Requisites: none
Cost: $50 + GST

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The Workshop

The Details:

Release what can go. Engage body wisdom. Gather calm presence. Expand the view. Express authentically.

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