Marilyn grew up with a very health conscious mom, so a career in the field of health and wellness felt natural for her. Discovering how movement changed her life she began her journey into the fitness industry helping others find joy in movement, but it wasn’t until she assisted people in their mobility with fascial work and yoga that she felt called to work more with her hands and this led her to massage therapy.
Her treatments focuses on keeping you proactive in your life. She will address your pain or discomfort, work with your nervous system, educate about maintenance. She utilizes a variety of techniques which help increase mobility, decrease soreness, find pain relief or educate about pain management . She provides a safe space to be heard and to recover. 

Marilyn Chang
Registered Massage Therapist


Marilyn deeply values growth, and is often learning in her spare time. She loves to be in nature, to travel, and has a passion for fine arts. 

Marilyn graduated from West Coast College of massage Therapy and has been in private practice since 2008. 

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