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prenatal partner workshop

on your journey toward meeting your little one

Join Teresa (Certified Bodywork Therapist, full spectrum doula and yoga teacher) for a nurturing, playful and illuminating workshop where she shares insights and tools to support and empower your pregnancy, labor and postpartum journey. 

Teresa draws from her experience of over 20 years as a full spectrum doula and embodiment guide. 

In this is workshop we prioritize dropping into our hearts and getting out of our heads because thats where a lot of our power, wisdom and resiliency resides. 

Explore and practice:
  • Intimacy practices -both verbal and non verbal 
  • Coping tools for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and life
  • Self regulation and co-regulation techniques 
  • Ideas to thrive more and suffer less in all stages of this journey
  • Breathing practices for birth and life
  • Massage techniques for pregnancy labor and postpartum 
  • Movement practices to process stress and empower
  • Meditation practices to support the wide range of emotions  

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Experiential preparation is essential and makes a huge difference in building confidence and connecting to resiliency 

This is a consent focused and inclusive workshop and any partner combination can attend,
whether you come with a lover or friend -whoever is the person most
invested in this journey with you.

No experience necessary :) bring water bottle and snacks and wear comfortable clothing 


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