Restorative Sound Bath


w/ Tianne

About the Workshop

Rest and receive beautiful, healing sound vibrations to soothe your nervous system, quiet your mind and ease your body into deep, blissful relaxation. Tianne guides you into deeply restful restorative poses, (think Savasana), while playing beautiful sounds on the crystal singing bowls.

During a restorative sound bath, you are guided into deeply restful restorative poses, designed to release stress and tension throughout your body, while being bathed in healing sound vibrations. Restorative poses engage the parasympathetic nervous system, a state of deep healing and rejuvenation.  

While resting in restorative poses, you simply receive and experience the beautiful sound vibrations of the singing bowls, wind chime, and other instruments. The experience is called a sound bath because it literally feels like you are being bathed in sound. It is a deep, somatic listening experience, offering a gentle way to connect to the body and regulate the nervous system, cultivating a blissful inner calm and peace.  

Experience the incredible benefits; 

- Improves sleep 
- Reduces stress and anxiety 
- Regulates the nervous system 
- Decreases tension and fatigue  
- Elevates feelings of well-being 
- Improves immune system function 
- Calms the body and quiets the mind

When: Sunday, January 29th
Time: 4pm to 5:15pm
Pre-Requisites: none - no experience needed
Cost: Early bird pricing $40 until January 22nd, $48 afterwards


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