Scar Therapy Workshop w/ Teresa Campbell


Scars matter and so does your story behind the scaR

About the Workshop

What beauty, freedom, peace and shift is possible when we attend to scars??

Scars are neglected In this society.
Teresa has witnessed and experienced (both personally and professionally) how attending to scars can be incredibly liberating.

This workshop will be a beautiful space of specific care, compassionate exploration and liberation on all levels.

This workshop is for collective holding and repair. The purpose of this work is to open our bodies, our posture, and connection. To make contact with the tissues as they can be pathways to liberation. 

We will attend to our scars:
  • physically
  • energetically 
  • emotionally 

Benefits are :
  • Increase blood flow and lymphatic flow 
  • Increase circulation 
  • Increase movement and flexibility
  • Befriending our body 
  • Validating grief and the experiences of our life 
  • Shifts in perception
  • Compassion exercises and rituals for daily life

You can expect Gentle Movement, self massage, breath work, journaling, ritual.
Teresa prioritizes consent and the importance of centering our own comfort step by step.

Please be at least 8 weeks post surgery 
Contact Teresa if there are any allergies or sensitivities 

Bring a water bottle, journal and pen, towel, wear comfortable clothes and a hot water bottle if you have one. 

When: Sunday, October 23rd
Time: 10am to 1:30pm
Pre-Requisites: none - no experience needed
Cost: $60


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