Tanisha Arsenault graduated from VCMT. She was awarded with an award for Heart and hard work from Vcmt. She is passionate about helping people and believes that everyone can benefit from massage therapy. Her goal is to treat the body as a whole to aid in maintaining balance. When not at work some of her hobbies include various exercise routes including strength training and HIIT training, various types of dance and yoga. She enjoys spending time outdoors, cooking and connecting over good food, taking her aussiedoodle to the park and spending quality time with family and friends. She is so excited to be a part of the Local Health integrated clinic team! 

Tanisha Arsenault
Registered Massage Therapist


With touch being the first language we are introduced to once we leave the womb she believes there is a healing connection with positive therapeutic touch. Tanisha’s full body approach focuses on the nervous system, myofacial release, trigger point release, stretching, joint mobilization and hydrotherapy. 

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