Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Online Workshop

Unlocking Your True Self

A 3 session series with Degan Walters, Registered Clinical Counsellor & Shawn Prestie, Hypnotherapist

Following the success of our previous workshop, we are thrilled to unveil a captivating new 3-part series. This workshop will guide you through an introduction to parts work - delving into the psychological concept and background before immersing you in guided hypnotherapy sessions. 

Crafted to facilitate an introspective journey, this series aims to acquaint you with the internal facets that might be triggering inner conflicts. These internal aspects of us, formed at different stages in our lives have the intention of safeguarding us, yet can no longer serve us as our perspectives evolve over time. The beliefs held by these internal parts may no longer support us as we mature. When we demonstrate to these parts that a change is desired for a happier life, profound transformations can occur. 

January 23, 30 and February 6
7pm-8:30pm PST

Location: online via zoom

The Details:

About the series:

All sessions will be recorded, and playback will be accessible until February 11, 2024, at 9 pm PST. Following each session, there will be an opportunity to openly share your experiences, ah-ha moments, or pose questions. It's important to note that this segment will not be recorded to safeguard the privacy of all participants.

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