Lots of clinics have "integrative" in their title...but we really mean it! Local Health is your go-to place in Vancouver for healthcare, along with being a community centre for you to move, learn, and grow!

About Local Health Integrative Clinic

SINCE 2015

Local Health is a team of dynamic and passionate healthcare practitioners whose goal is to create healthy, happy people and community through their services. We are accepting new patients at our brand new, 6000sq ft clinic in East Vancouver. Even though we are the largest integrative clinic in all of Vancouver, our space (and our practitioners) are warm, inviting, and inclusive of every one and every body. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Meet Our Team

the incredible
local health practitioners


naturopathic doctors:

Patient Care Lead

Operations Lead

Ryan, Clare, Tahnee, Hannah,
Front Desk Team

Yoga & Events Lead

Meet our admin staff:

the team behind the scenes

to create healthy, happy, people through integrative healthcare

mission statement:

As the largest integrative healthcare centre in Vancouver, BC, we are able to support our community through outstanding healthcare, advocacy, inclusivity, and community. We are known as the go-to place for supporting  ongoing health and wellness.

vision statement:

everyone belongs. everyone deserves to be heard and seen. treating the root cause and the whole person allows for greater capacity for healing. 

our values:


what we are all about:


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