Nutrition Counselling for Wellness,
Disordered Eating, and Eating Disorders

Registered Dietitian

make peace with your food with support from REgistered Dietician, Abby Hsiao

  • Evaluate nutritional deficiencies
  • evaluate unhealthy food and weight-related behaviours
  • educate on evidenced-based nutrition principles
  • explore emotional connections with food and food behaviours
  • explore unhelpful beliefs around food and weight
  • customize meal plans to meet your goals and specific nutritional baselines.
  • create meal support tools and resources for caregivers of younger children
  • coaching for caregivers to support their loved ones with an eating disorder (diagnosed or suspected). 
  • and much more

A specialized dietitian can help:

Registered Dietitian

our registered dietitian


Abby's area of focus: 

Abby's primary interest and focus in the field of dietetics is eating disorders and disordered eating. She has witnessed the insidious nature of popular diet-culture and the ever-increasing pursuit of thin-ideals at the detriment of health both mental and physical. Often the ones that suffer the most are our young and vulnerable youths and she is passionate about offering that help!


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