We believe that healthcare is like tools in a toolbox. Sometimes you just need one, sometimes you need many. We support you through a diversity of services to help you optimise your health and wellness. 



Local Health Integrative Clinic is your "one stop shop" for healthcare in Vancouver. We love our practitioners and the diverse care they offer. As a team (and with your permission), we co-manage your case between all the practitioners you choose to work with so that you know you have a whole team supporting you, your health, and your health goals. We also offer direct billing to most extended healthcare plans, as well as to ICBC for some treatment options.

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Our team of Registered Massage Therapists are outstanding at what they do! Not only do they offer a treatment that is guided by your current health needs and therapeutic in approach, but they also create a safe space for relaxation for every body. Many of our RMTs are also teachers at the local massage colleges so they love to empower you with education and home care options! 

Registered Massage Therapy


Do you want to work with primary care physician's who have the time to really listen to you and make a comprehensive plan? That's our Naturopathic Medicine team! Our board-certified naturopathic doctors are outstanding at identifying the root causes of imbalances in your body and addressing health concerns in a way that you feel empowered with education about your health and supported with a comprehensive plan.

Naturopathic Medicine


Movement is medicine and physiotherapy can help to support you in understanding your body, changing how you feel and supporting your overall health. Whether you are looking to support a specific injury, optimize sport performance, establish lifelong preventative health strategies, vary your ergonomics, or address concerns around pelvic health, our team is here to support you. Our physiotherapist's goal is to help empower you with information about your body and help you move with ease in all the aspects of life that are important to you.  



While acupuncture is over 3,000 years old, our acupuncturists honour their tradition with a modern healthcare spin. They take the time to do a thorough intake and then use a variety of Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques to support your health including acupuncture needles, cupping, ear seeds, and manual techniques. 



Our Registered Clinical Counsellors can help you see things more clearly, to reduce confusion, and help you to make effective decisions and change that promote wellness. Our counsellors create an inclusive, open, confidential, and safe environment to explore any challenges you are facing. 

Clinical Counselling


"Let medicine by thy food and food by thy medicine" is one of the oldest quotes in medicine. We offer both Registered Dietician and Holistic Nutrition appointments. Both of these offer an integrative approach to diet that considers your unique nutritional requirements and aims to balance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Its not about a "diet" or being restrictive; rather, it's about finding a sustainable solution to support your overall health and health goals.

Nutrition Support


Our talented chiropractor focus on the nervous system and offers you a treatment with the goal of helping you move more optimally, correct imbalances, and remove interferences to the body's nervous system. Using a variety of manual (hands-on) techniques, your chiropractor will assess what is happening in your physical body and help move better! 

Chiropractic Care


Are you ready to work with your mind in a gentle way that helps you overcome obstacles and find peace. Getting into the subconscious mind in a safe, supportive, and guided environment can create the capacity for lasting, powerful changes. 



Our Reiki practitioner is incredible, with a presence and intuition that holds a safe space and helps to facilitate powerful shifts. Reiki is warm, relaxing, and transformative. It is a powerful, effective, non-religious treatment with over 65 years of experience behind it. that frees your body to heal itself as it was intended.



Accessibility of care is a key value we hold here at Local Health! Book in for our Friday Community Clinic to get care from a team of student interns, supervised by naturopathic doctor (and our clinic owner) Dr. Robyn Land. 3 heads are better than one, and with a sliding scale of $0-$50 per session, you will get great care at an accessible price!


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