The journey to and through welcoming a little one into your life is amazing...and can be overwhelming at times! Our team loves supporting you on this journey, and beyond!

Fertility, Prenatal, & Postnatal Care

Local Health Integrative Clinic is truly integrative. By that, we mean that you will have a team of practitioners to support you, your health, and your health goals (should you choose!). We love working with people from the first thoughts of starting a family, through to when you welcome you little one into your arms, and beyond. Working with a team of practitioners ensures you are getting the most holistic and supportive care. We love to nurture parents-to-be and look forward to working with you.

Supporting families the whole way...

Are you trying to conceive? Or thinking about getting started on that journey? Our initial visit is a chance to look at your whole health as it relates to pregnancy and empower you with information and wellness toward meeting your little one. After your initial visit, we will meet each trimester to empower you with information and a plan to support your changing body.

Fertility-Focused & Prenatal Naturopathic Visits


Massage therapy specifically tailored to all the changes in your body throughout and after pregnancy. Massage therapy can be a wonderful way to ease discomfort and help address muscle tension that can build as your body changes and your little one grows. Prenatal Massage therapy is a safe and nurturing space to relax and honour your journey of parenthood.

Prenatal & Postpartum Massage Therapy


We are excited to partner with Jodie Pulsifer of Full Circle Physiotherapy in offering pelvic physiotherapy. While an incredible tool during pre- and postnatal times, pelvic physiotherapy is beneficial for any pelvic health concerns throughout their life! 

Pelvic Physiotherapy


Dr. Land, ND is a breastfeeding support counsellor working toward her IBLC designation. This initial visit is to support mom and baby in their breastfeeding journey, address any concerns, and help support the pair in achieving whatever feeding goals you have. 

Baby/Breastfeeding Support


Prenatal Yoga and Mom & Baby Yoga series designed to help you connect with your changing bodies and connect with other parents/ parents to be.

Prenatal/ Postpartum Yoga


Evidence-based medical studies are showing that acupuncture can help dramatically in trying to conceive. Cervical ripening treatments start at 36 weeks and continue regularly until the delivery. The focus is on ripening the cervix and preparing the body for the labour. A soft (ripe) cervix facilitates a better birth, reduces your need for pain medication and lowers your risk of needing a caesarean section

Pregnancy/ Fertility Focused Acupuncture





Naturopathic doctor



pre/ postnatal yoga

pre- and postnatal support providers

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