Ever since I witnessed the transformative power of naturopathic medicine in people's lives, I was hooked. Whether it's persistent infections that have made you learn the names of major antibiotics, bloating that has you changing into sweatpants, or hormone fluctuations that make you question your whole life, know that there may be another path forward for you, and I am here to support you as you take the next step.

Naturopathic Medicine is rooted in treating the whole body, and I believe most of us have more than one area that is giving us a hard time. My goal is to distill down the situation to what is practical and just makes sense.

Beyond the treatment room, I'm passionate about learning and sharing what I've found helpful. You might find me hosting my monthly workshops at Local Health, conducting webinars, or at a used bookstore trying to decide which book I must give up.

Dr. Ava Maleki
Naturopathic Doctor


I credit my dog for teaching me the greatest lesson – time is our most precious resource. We are co-creating our perspective of our life and there is a way to convert what is heavy lead to gold. My goal every day is to see it as a new opportunity, another day to plant a seed of change or protect what needs to grow.

My Philosophy


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