For the past decade, my curiosity has steered my learning journey, exploring the diverse facets and systems influencing our health in relation to the environment. When addressing imbalances in one area, my aim is to bridge the connection to the overall health of the individual. My treatment approach extends beyond labels that may isolate specific parts from the whole. That being said, I take a special interest in the systems dedicated to assimilation and elimination – those vital in shedding the old to make room for the new, such as our digestive, reproductive, and urinary systems.

Dr. Ava Maleki
Naturopathic Doctor


I perceive the healing process as a transformative, life-long relationship; we have only one body in this lifetime, the vessel enabling us to experience cherished memories. While scientific research offers valuable insights, its application is crucial within the context of an individual's unique story. Hence, I am always looking to the clues left by nature, past pioneers, and the individuals themselves, in what shapes the next step. My enduring hope is that we can all be guided back to the peace and calm residing within our spirit and body.

My Philosophy


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