Emma's grounded demeanor and strong, slow treatments provide a space for self-awareness and integration for all of her clients, whether in cases of healing from acute injury, working through chronic pain and systemic condition management, or enjoying holistic relaxation and release. 
With a background in fine art and somatics, a reverence for tactility and self expression has been central to Emma's life from an early age. She graduated with honors from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2022 and knows her learning from the human form will be life-long. A few of her favourite things to spend her time doing include sleeping, gardening, cooking and baking, weaving, and dancing. 

Emma Sise
Registered Massage Therapist


Client-centered care and collaboration is at the core of my massage practice, as well as guiding the breath as a tool to deepen and expand the experiential capacity of the nervous system. My goal is to support you in cultivating curiosity and attunement in the intentions that you bring to the treatment room. 

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