My own first experience with Reiki early in my life left me knowing this was something I needed to not only practice, but share with others. I've been practicing now under the Gendai Reiki Energy tradition for over 10 years. I was later lead to deepen my understanding of the benefits of aromatherapy which lead me to become a Holistic Aromatherapy practitioner. Wanting to understand the body mind connection more, I also dived into Vijnana Yoga, completing 800hrs training. Encompassing all that I have learned, I truly believe I have struck a mind-body-soul balance not only in myself, but in my practice as well. 

Emma Hogan
Reiki Practitioner


I believe all the answers for our own personal wellness are within the inner fabrications of the self. My philosophy is that we're all here to grow, learn, and experience all that life has to offer. Uncovering our deepest truths set us free. I believe tears are medicine. When it comes to working with me, you can always count on receiving truly individual treatments. Never being one to be conventional I may bring forth messages channeled through all forms of spirit. Through my years of experience I provide real, intuitive care fitted to your needs, and wont shy away from tough love because, I know you can handle it. My healing journey and life experiences allow me to be passionate and compassionate to all who seek insight and the work I provide. Though I never take myself too seriously, I will always approach you and your healing journey wholeheartedly. 

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