Francesca Frewer is a Feldenkrais practitioner and lifelong movement nerd. A professional contemporary dancer, she originally encountered The Feldenkrais Method while suffering from a career-impacting back injury. Feldenkrais was fundamental to her successful recovery, and since then has become for her an ongoing practice which continually yields new depths of inquiry in embodiment and awareness. 

Feldenkrais works with the incredible intelligence of the nervous system as the basis for healing and growth. Building new neural pathways for movement, it harnesses the nervous system’s innate adaptability to build freedom from habitual patterns that may cause strain, damage, or be the underlying cause of injuries.  

Francesca Frewer
Feldenkrais Practitioner


Before discovering Feldenkrais, Francesca had numerous experiences of persistent tensions, imbalances, and recurring injuries where it seemed the only answer was to stop doing certain activities. With Feldenkrais, she loves how the focus on underlying patterns offers a way to move beyond recurring issues, address imbalances before they become injuries, and work with chronic difficulties that present more subtly. By delving into how a person uses their body in movement, and helping them discern what constitutes efficient movement, Feldenkrais supports people in recovery, long-term wellbeing, and continuing to do whatever it is they want to do.

I believe we all deserve to feel comfortable and at home in our bodies. A healthy, balanced nervous system is fundamental to overall wellbeing, and I believe movement and touch are powerful entry points to supporting this. I seek to provide clients a sense of embodied ease and spaciousness, and the experience of their bodies as skillful and reliable. Having witnessed and experienced Feldenkrais’s wide-ranging benefits, I love how it provides an individualized approach depending on what one seeks to get out of it — whether it be physical wellness, improving performance (athletic or artistic), nervous system rebalancing, mindfulness, creativity, or simply feeling more at ease in oneself.

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