I graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in 2022, my passion for physical and emotional conditioning has run through me for many years prior. Growing up I played competitive softball, ringette, volleyball, and track until my early 20’s, and years later I would understand the importance of self care in all kinds of ways. My holistic approach to massage therapy expands to nervous system regulation (relaxation), muscle fatigue, pre and postnatal care, pre and post surgery, top surgery prep and post care, injury rehab, fascial stretch techniques, craniosacral therapy, TMJ, and headaches. When I’m not at the clinic, these days you can find me cycling around town on a sunny day, going to dance class, singing & songwriting, savouring a moment in nature, or dipping in for a sauna / cold plunge session with friends. 

Alli Hayes
Registered Massage Therapist


Your health and wellness journey is exactly that- a journey. With all of its ebbs and flows, I am here to provide a patient and comfortable environment for your goals and essentials for treatment. Client- centered, therapeutic care is of the most importance, as well as my values for body inclusivity, queer inclusivity, and my advocating for mental wellness. I am always flexible to any changes or adjustments to treatment at any time, and thank you for trusting me as we look together for clues on how to find you the relief, rest and reset that you need. 

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