I have a general practice that embraces all age demographics and concerns. I have an interest in overall wellness, mental health, hormones, skin, digestion, sleep, scar tissue, and especially pain, whether it’s acute or chronic. My treatments always have a foundational component of lifestyle and nutrition and depending on the severity of your condition, I am certified to offer injection-based therapy.

Dr. Wendy Romano
Naturopathic Doctor


I am passionate about empowerment, and I believe the best way we do that is by optimizing our health. To be at our best, a balance between our mental, physical and emotional health is crucial. I work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that considers your unique circumstances and use evidence-based research to help guide my decisions.

My Philosophy

Mondays 2:00-8:00pm
Thursdays 12:00-7:00pm
Alternating Saturdays: 9:00-5:00pm

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