As a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher, I am fascinated with the human body’s incredible capacity to heal. I started teaching yoga in 2010 and continue to study different modalities of movement, meditation and healing practices. Personal health struggles reignited my focus on nutrition, leading me to Vancouver where I completed the Natural Nutrition program at CSNN in 2019. I work with an array of nutritional ailments, such as fatigue, chronic constipation, poor digestive function, and stubborn weight by improving digestive health and liver function. I approach each client's needs in an individualized way to provide customized lifestyle coaching in a comfortable and balanced way. 

Sherien Hossny
Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher


Growing up in a big North African family, food was not just for sustenance and social gatherings: it was our go to remedy for all ailments, from stomach-ache to heart-ache. Today I am inspired by my personal health journey and eastern traditions of healing, as well as the holistic and natural lifestyle of my West Coast home. I am an empathetic listener who strives to reduce barriers and make well being accessible for people of all backgrounds and circumstances. There is no magic pill or short cut to wellbeing, it is more about balance and finding the right combinations for you.

My Philosophy

Mondays:  11:30am-5:30pm

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